Creative Services

Harrington Young Design shares forty years of expertise, polished skills, knowledge of craft, and current tools, to provide creative solutions for all your projects. We work closely with reputable printers and vendors to provide clients with finished product meeting the highest standards.

Design, Production,
Print & Project Management, Web-based Content

Harrington Young Design integrates consultation, graphic design, copywriting, production, as well as print & project management. We apply skills, once focused primarily on the printed page, to the venue of the Internet, designing web documents, websites, content management and databases, to provide effective web-based communications.

To complement the fundamental Adobe Creative Suite of InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop, new tools in the toolbox include Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and Joomla.


Harrington Young Design appreciates traditional as well as contemporary font design, utilizing appropriate typefaces for text and display, painstaking kerning, letter- and word-spacing, in reverence to the elegance of the written word.

Book Design & Production

Harrington Young Design loves books, incorporating typographic and design fundamentals honoring the history and tradition of the craft, with meticulous attention to detail, to create the ideal page or spread. Publishing services include cover & interior text design for books, magazines, newsletters; production, print & project management; for commercial publishing houses, university presses, independent, and self-publishers.